DandeLyon Vredenburg


Dandelyon is an artist with a camera, a magical writer, a beautiful yogini, a devoted mother, and a lover of people.

DandeLyon has roots in northwest Montana and her love for horses led her to a stallion named Twice As ShineyAfter years of success as an equine reproduction specialist, her journey was shifted by a massive hemorrhagic stroke in the summer of  2014. During her own holistic healing focussed on yoga and meditation, she found that it is her imperfections that make her perfect.

In 2015  she created The Shiney Studios, successful wellness and yoga centers in Kansas and Missouri. She is a registered E-RYT & YACEP instructor with over 3000 teaching hours. She was trained and certified in yoga asana, pranayama, philosophy, and the art of teaching at the White Lotus Yoga Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA.

She now lives life in Portugal, Canada, Bali, & USA focusing on her writing, photography, yoga, and UX/UI design 

Carl Repp


Carl is an entrepreneur with a passion for adventure, an inquiring scientist, a loving father, a retired professional athlete, a dedicated educator, and a coach of people regardless of their area of  interest or skill.

His journey shifted in 2012 when he left public education as a high school Principal to continue his work building companies and organizations focused on sport, education and wellness  – his three greatest passions – on a full time basis.

Carl’s M.Sc. in coaching ~ specializing in physiology & biomechanics ~ led to years of public speaking, advising, and writing for the education and sport sectors including his work as National Manager in the development of Game Plan, Canada’s Olympic and National Athlete’s Career Transition Program.

As a retired NHL hockey player, Carl understands how yoga strengthens & restores the mindbody connection.

♥  DLY Yoga Teachers  ♥



The yogic delineation of Dandelyon Love Yoga resides in the White Lotus Vinyasa Flow developed by Ganga White & Tracy Rich at the White Lotus Foundation. This fluid yoga flow is the original vinyasa flow and is paired with pranayama (breath). Its practice is designed to restore and strengthen the entire body.
The term “vinyasa” was first associated to yoga by Ganga in the early years of his American yoga teaching. It was a slow and intense form of yoga that linked the asana’s together with breath (and often music). Today, many studios use the word vinyasa to describe their flowing asana’s, but have sped up the sequence and forgotten the importance of intentional movements linked to breath.
Owner DandeLyon Vredenburg and lead instructor Bruce Pugh trained extensively at the White Lotus Foundation under the direction of Ganga and Tracy.

Ganga is one of the early developers of Flow Yoga, creator of Partner Yoga in the 1970’s, and with his wife Tracey, released the #1 internationally best selling Total Yoga videos–with sales over 1.8 million. Ganga has been called one of the “architects of American yoga” and a “pioneer of yoga” by the Yoga Journal.

Ganga founded his first Yoga center on Sunset Boulevard in 1967 which became nationally known. He has extensive background in health, science and philosophy with teaching experience spanning over forty years. He has trained thousands of Yoga teachers, studied and lived in India visiting remote monasteries and learning centers, and teaches internationally. He founded Yoga centers in major U.S. cities and for five years, served as vice-president of the Sivananda Yoga organization. He has received the teaching title, Yoga Acharya, three times from the Sivananda Ashram, the Yoga Vedanta Forest University, Rishikesh, Himalayas, and the Yoga Niketan in India. He had years of personal study with many great teachers including Swami Venkatesananda, J. Krishnamurti and BKS Iyengar, and Joel Kramer. In addition, his work and achievements have earned him the rare, honored title Yogiraj, “king of yogis.” Ganga’s text, Double Yoga, introducing partner yoga was published in 1979 by Viking-Penguin.

Though he has been honored with the sacred title, Yogiraj, and has a Sanskrit name, Ganga is a critical thinker who questions authority, outmoded beliefs, and dogmatic systems. His teaching empowers the individual while retaining the essential truths of Yoga. Ganga has stated, “I am very concerned with awakening the mind as well as the body. Yoga is far more than simply a healthful exercise system. The most important purpose of Yoga is to bring about a deep transformation of the individual – an awakening of intelligence that is free of dependencies and romantic beliefs and ready to meet the accelerating challenges of the 21st century.” His newest book presenting a fresh, new and contemporary vision of yoga, is titled Yoga Beyond Belief – Insights to Awaken and Deepen Your Practice.