As I sat in front of my Tuesday night class, exuberant to be there and gushing as usual, I realized that I tend to be the teenage girl of Yoga teachers.

“Oh my God, and another thing that I totally love about Yoga is…”

You have assuredly noticed that Yoga is my passion, and thank you for being patient with my constant enthusiasm. Yoga practice has been the vehicle through which I connect to that small still voice, discovering and expanding the innate qualities that live within us all;

compassion, self acceptance and appreciation of the divine.

Yoga has kept me breathing and sane through the curveballs and heartaches that life throws at us, and has immensely strengthened my body, mind and immune system.  But, most of all, for me, Yoga is pure fun.

There are times when I am flowing breath to movement where I reach a state of ecstasy, revelling completely in both my physical form and that part of me which will never die.

While some people prefer a set routine of Yoga postures (and I completely understand and appreciate that) I thirst for vinyasa classes that shake it up, delightful surprises like brightly wrapped packages to open and explore. Classes such as these have taught me so much about myself, I used to be timid, afraid of making a fool of myself in public, now I relish the opportunity to try new things, sometimes falling on my face (even literally) but always learning and many times laughing.

The classes I teach echo what I love about Yoga, and as I become more comfortable in my own skin and as a teacher, my classes keep evolving.

Thank you to all of the students who have been with me from the get go, as well as all the shining new faces in my classes. You have no idea how inspirational you are to me, and how much you help me grow. Seeing those sparks in you that echo the spark in me let me know that I am doing what I am meant to do, and that my friends, is priceless.